About us:

Arda Trading Company, a new approach in domestic and foreign trade, has begun their work in the field of tomato paste, drinks and fruit concentrates, in different package. Fortunately the company has close relevance with the nation’s factories, and can providing needs of customer orders by the appropriate rate.

Goals and vision of the company

It seems tomato paste product and different drinks, in the whole world used.  As a result, according to Iran’s potential in terms of production of Tomatoes, We can say that is not bad to compete more aggressively with other countries to become the global market. In this regard, the company’s manager’s arda, due to the presence of permanent customers and active in Iraq, Afghanistan and Russia It seeks to have in cooperation with other countries of the world, a good share of the market for tomato paste and other food products with valid factories.

Message from head manger

In order to help the easier international relations as well as considering the possibility of providing a variety of canned food in Iran with good quality and no preservatives, we hope we can have a diverse quality according to the customer.

Simple communication and complete responses to send Iranian products to the market of different countries are our services.