tomato paste factory in turkey

tomato paste factory in turkey or any country. But is the production method of any country different for tomato paste in the factory? Is the quality of packaging and produced in the countries different? Is the machinery used in the tomato paste factory in any country to affect the quality of the tomato paste? The production of tomato paste has the following steps that almost all of the world uses these steps. The first step is to get a tomato from the farmer and suck and wash it. At the surrender stage, it is highly necessary to remove corrosive tomatoes completely from healthy samples. Also, the final taste of tomato paste is to remove unhealthy tomatoes from the production wheel. The next step is to cut, crush and grate tomatoes. Warm tomato juice to thicken. At the end, the packaging process is in cans, glasses or any other kind of packaging. The higher the accuracy of the devices used at this stage, the higher the output quality. For example, the time it takes tomato juice to pass through the lids as a filter, the better the impure particles, such as tomatoes and seeds, are better. But in factories that make tomato paste in Iran. These machines are completely automatic. This automatic machine of tomato paste production line reduces human error at production time. This means tomato paste quality is at the highest level of the world standard. For this reason, to tomato paste factory in turkey, can buy bulk Iranian tomato paste. Of course, in addition to that, it will be more cost effective for these factories. But the amount of tomato paste production in Iran is large enough to cover the major orders of neighboring countries such as Turkey. Of course, the quality of paste stacked according to the domestic standard is compatible with what can be found on the Turkish market.

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