tomato paste manufacturers in the world

How do tomato paste manufacturers in the world produc? Perhaps the stages of manufacturing plants in the whole world are not very different, But at the same time the qualities are different. The first point is that the use of tomatoes is good in tomato paste production at factories around the world. Tomatoes in Iran are generally red and beautiful in the summer. But in the autumn, the used tomatoes do not have a good color at all. It’s often that tomato paste or packaging or in the barrel is massively produced in the summer. But in the quality of the tomato paste, the stages of production and the production line machines also have a profound effect. In fact, the precision of the sourcing or filtering of tomato juice can affect the final color and taste. At the next stage of separation of spoiled tomatoes, the slightest mistake is a bad taste for tomato paste. Iranian tomato paste has been exported to about 40 countries. There are countries like Sweden, Russia and, of course, Iraq. Iran has the highest exports to Iraq, which is more likely to be due to more commercial connections and common ground borders. tomato paste manufacturers in the world can pack this product in cans. Tomato paste cans are glazed so that they can not be tinned while staying inside the can, rust and corrosion. But for tomato exports to various countries in addition to a variety of barrel samples can also be used with aseptic. In the whole world, tomato paste has a certain standard. But sometimes some countries are also looking for a drop in concentration or brix of tomato paste because of low income levels and lower costs. In Iran, tomato paste is produced according to the customer’s order. In factories, the quality of the paste is determined by the customer.

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