tomato paste supplier in south africa

What steps are tomato paste supplier in south ¬†africa? One of the reasons for launching this site is to respond to customers and buyers of tomato paste in remote countries even in southern Africa. But as you know, it’s more important than producing the subject of transport from origin to destination. Tomato paste production in Iran has a good trend. High quality or diluted tomato paste in various packaging is easily produced in Iranian factories. But if a country is close to Iran or has a land border, transport is easier than when it is located, for example, in southern Africa. Do you know the problem on long paths? Perhaps shipping costs are not too problematic. For example, in African countries or any country outside of Asia, we need to carry shipping. The main problem with shipping is that during the shipping period due to moisture of the sea, the packaging of tomato paste is destroyed by moisture. This moisture also damages the cans causing rust. As a result, the destination will not be usable and corrupted. So how do we carry? Is it possible to trade with other countries owing to the fact that the issue will be a bit of a problem? In response to this question, you must know that Iran has a commercial relationship with European, American and African countries. In this regard, there are several solutions to overcoming shipping problems. The first solution is to pack it after packaging tomato paste. Pallets are either plastic or plastic, and they prevent moisture from penetrating. Of course, in the cost estimation, a separate charge is announced for this purpose. The second solution is to ship with the container on the deck. This method does not cost extra. Iranian tomato paste, in addition to packaging cans, can be aseptic in any country.

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