tomato paste manufacturers turkey

How does tomato paste manufacturers turkey work? How manufacturers work in each country depends on different factors. Keep in mind that production in any country needs prerequisites and facilities. For example, in Turkey or any other country to produce tomato paste, in addition to having sufficient knowledge to mass produce the need for raw materials. The first thing is, what are the materials that a tomato paste manufacturer needs? For example, tomato paste is produced from open-field tomatoes. But tomato paste production is also important. For example, how much heat should be given to tomatoes, or how many times it is necessary to transfer the water from fines so that it does not contain impurities. The kernel and the skin of tomatoes should not be present in tomato juice that is being heated. In the production line, the better the filter is, the better. But after this, the temperature necessary for the condensation of tomato juice and also the duration of this heating is important. Indirect heat boiler can prevent the burning of tomato juice and, consequently, the unsuitable color of tomato paste. In the next step, packing machines and sealing machines are required. The proper capping reduces the leakage of the paste from the can. In the production line of tomato paste, you need a machine to remove the air inside the can. At the same time, other types of machines can be mentioned. But if all these things are with the latest technology in the world, but tomatoes do not reach the factory in the proper volume, tomato paste can not be produced. In Iran, the production and cultivation of tomatoes due to the fertile soil and favorable air can provide conditions for the production of tomato paste. As a result, tomato paste manufacturer  in Turkey can use Iranian bulk paste to pack.

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