tomato paste manufacturers in tunisia

tomato paste manufacturers in tunisia can also be contacted by Iranian factories. Tunisia is located in Africa. It can also be said that the link between the country and each Asian country is through the Oman Sea and the Persian Gulf. Tunisia has been around for hundreds of thousands of years, and it can be linked to the existing documents dating back to 200,000 years ago. It was a Christian center and later waged war with Arabs at the dawn of Islam. And more or less Islam was formed in Tunisia. On the other hand, Tunisia was once in the hands of the Allies and then became independent. Each country’s solution has a background, and as a result, it can affect its political and economic relations. Since Tunisia is located in North Africa, it is easy to trade with Iran through the Persian Gulf. As a result, tomato paste manufacturers can export their product to the country. But in Tunisia itself, there is also a tomato paste producer. Which is part of Tunisia’s market demand. Tomato paste manufacturers in Tonissia can make bulk tomato paste from Iran and package themselves. These types of tomato paste are in a barrel in the spatial bag and carry it with fewer challenges in long paths. In factories in the country of destination, such as Tunisia, tomato paste processing can be done with different bricks tailored to market requirements. The production line in any country can have a special type of packaging, depending on the country of consumption. As a result, if in Iran, for example, the minimum weight of tomato paste is 400 gr, in countries like Tunisia, it is possible to pack 70 gr. So you can buy bone tomato paste from Iran and do the final stages on it. Aseptic bulk tomato paste in Iran because the vacuum will be filled lasting more than 2 years. And the brix or their concentration is at least 36. And this makes it possible to get any product from it. Even tomato sauce.

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