tomato paste factory in nigeria

Is Tomato paste production and packaging factory operating in Nigeria? How can tomato paste factory in nigeria meet their market needs? Because of its proximity to the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean, Nigeria has sultry weather in most days of the year. The air temperature in this country is more than 32 degrees. So the same temperature makes it possible for certain agricultural products in Nigeria to be cultivated. If the tomato paste factory in Nigeria is to be active, it needs outdoor tomatoes. But such a climate is not suitable for tomato cultivation. The best temperature for tomatoes is from 18 to 24 degrees. Well, the factories that produce canned tomatoes have two solutions. Or tomatoes to produce tomato paste. Or bulk tomato paste from other countries. Tomato paste in bulk to export certain international standards and are known by the name of aseptic tomato paste. But for these African countries, Iran can send a variety of tomato paste in cans with different weights. These types of tomato paste are packed in cans. Often weighing less than 1 kg. In terms of quality, which includes components such as color and concentration, they can be produced at customer request. On the other hand, they have a standard salt percentage. The aseptic type of salt is not used at all. And what makes tomato paste more durable is the vacuum production method. In this way, the production of barrels filled with tomato paste can be kept outside the refrigerator for up to 2 years. At the same time, tomato paste factory in Nigeria and other countries can pack tomato paste with any quality of its own. Such tomato paste can be used to produce different types of sauces and other products of the same quality. The main thing is that Iran, in addition to providing tomato paste with a variety of packages, has a high capacity for producing at an affordable price.

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