tomato paste manufacturers in europe

tomato paste manufacturers in Europe can enter into negotiations with Iranian factories. Producers from different countries of the world, both European and American, can be customers of Iranian factories for food such as Tomato paste. Do you know that most countries in the world are taking tomato paste and tomato products? Tomatoes were discovered in South America for the first time and then migrated to other countries around the world. But now China is the first country to manufacture this product, and then the United States. Italy is one of the European countries that consumes high levels of tomatoes and tomato paste. But other European countries are less productive than Iran, and it can be said that Iran is a major producer in the world for tomato paste. Iran and Europe can easily be linked by sea and air, or even land. In fact, manufacturing plants in Europe have advanced machines. As a result, producing tomato paste with any quality will be easy for them. But it’s important for tomato paste manufacturers in Europe to have tomatoes or bone tomato paste. In this situation, bulk paste is of paramount importance for exports to these countries. But bulk tomato paste in Iran has two generic forms, both of which can not be exported. Tomato paste aseptic bulk samples with a known name, in accordance with international standards, the ability to import and export to the countries of the world. This paste has a shelf life of up to 2 years. When they are out of the cold store they will not mold. And can be due to their high brix them to customize the processing and packaging. Tomato paste manufacturers in Europe may supply this product from different countries of the world. But in terms of price and quality, Iran will be an important country for them.

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