Although many people do not consider the difference between mineral water and drinking, but there are drinking water with different stages of production and packaging on the market and are not minerals. But similar to mineral water bottles be provided in weighing 500 liters to gallons of 20 liters.

mineral water importers

mineral water importers in uae

Whos is mineral water importers in uae ? Mineral water is one of the many drinks in Iran. The reason for the presence of mineral water in Iran is due to the presence of various mountain ranges. Unfortunately, however, this potential is not widely used. The first reason for the lack of growth of mineral water production in Iran may be the lack of attention to the need for its export market. It is a good option to export mineral water to a country like the United Arab Emirates. This country is a good consumer. At the same time it has its own standards. As a result, mineral water production plants in Iran are cautious for exporting. The main problem of mineral water plants in Iran is transport costs. mineral water importers in uae must carry off by sea. The transport distance allows for waste. And of course, if the preforms of the bottles are suitable, these lesions will not be created. But increasing the weight of mineral water bottles will bring higher costs for the plant. On the other hand, for Emiratis, the appearance of packaging is also important. Of course, with regard to the analysis of mineral water and the percentage of nitrate in the supply of mineral water, there are also rigors. There are several factories in Iran that, according to their equipment and machinery, can supply suitable mineral water to the UAE market. But in some consumer countries such as the UAE, there is a need for branding. In addition to bottle weight, Iranian brands should pay particular attention to design. One of the ways to attract diversified customers in these countries is the beauty and specialty of packaging. It should be noted that Shiraz and Shahrekord factories are more suitable options in terms of reducing transportation costs to the UAE.

mineral water importers in dubai

mineral water importers in dubai

What is mineral water? Do you have enough information about mineral water? Why use healthy water? Is water available in the whole world? A large part of the planet is formed by water. But often, healthy and sweet drinkable water is very small. That’s why in some countries, fresh water is very rare and of course valuable. One of the most popular tourist destinations in the UAE. The United Arab Emirates has famous cities such as Dubai, located in the south of Iran. If you look at the history of this relatively modern city, the first buildings were built in 1799. Although the United Arab Emirates is not a big country, Dubai is a big city. The access of most Arab countries to freshwater is very limited. For this reason, most drinking water is imported from other countries. One of the products found to be found in Iran, unlike Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, is mineral water. Iran also has Caspian Sea and Persian Gulf and Oman Sea, whose water is not sweet. But instead of access to surface water from the rain and also a lot of springs. But mineral water is sweet as well as it has salts. Of course, due to minerals such as calcium, magnesium and other mineral minerals, it also has therapeutic properties. In cities like Shiraz, Sepidan and Shahrekord, there are many springs in the mountains. Each of these springs, which have the hardness according to the standard, can be used for the production of mineral water. Therefore, due to urban demand such as Dubai and high production in Iran, mineral water exports to Dubai have a good future. Importers of Dubai Mineral Water are always looking for stylish packaging and, of course, with a certain standard. mineral water importers in dubai want more than 250 cc